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I accomplished academic professional with 5 years of teaching experience start from young children until adult students’ level. Excellent communication and presentation abilities honed through lecturing, leading discussions, and effectively conveying complex ideas. Proven project management skills utilizing critical thinking and analysis to oversee research projects, manage teams, ensure deliverables meet quality standards, and adhere to timelines. Adept at qualitative and quantitative data analysis to extract insights and develop well-supported arguments. Collaborative team player with leadership skills to build cohesive groups, motivate individuals, and drive results. Business management proficiency leveraged to design curriculum, manage products and processes, and support strategic goals. Core competencies included Academic/Professional Writing, Translation (English ⇄ Indonesia), Curriculum Design & Instruction, Research & Data Analysis, Project/Product Management, Communication & Presentations, Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving, Leadership & Teamwork, and Business Management.

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English Language Department Teacher for Primary to Senior High School
As an educator with 5 years of experience within the Cambridge Curriculum framework, I have developed engaging lesson plans tailored to diverse learners through innovative techniques like project-based learning and technology integration. Regular assessments have allowed me to monitor progress and adjust strategies for academic success. Collaboration with colleagues has been crucial in aligning curriculum goals and sharing best practices for delivering high-quality education per Cambridge standards. With extensive experience teaching subjects across Primary, Junior High, and Senior High School levels, including Mathematics, English, Sciences, and Business Studies, I have demonstrated a commitment to student achievement, expertise in the Cambridge Curriculum, and the ability to adapt to diverse learning needs, contributing significantly to academic excellence.

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