Dinda Hanifah

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I am a Mechanical Engineering student at State Polytechnic of Jakarta, and an experienced English tutor to all ages for about 3 years. My expertise encompasses general English, speaking, TOEFL, and basic English. I am passionate, professional, and excel at time management. I work well independently or in a team, and constantly strive for improvement. As a tutor, I create a supportive learning environment, fostering growth and success. Witnessing my students' progress brings me joy.

1. Fun Teacher Private | playgroup, toddler, kindergarten tutor
2. Haya Private Course | playgroup, toddler, kindergarten tutor
3. Bersama Belajar ID | Junior High School tutor
4. Satu Jam Seribu Mimpi | English Tutor

Ketika belajar menjadi kebiasaan, kesuksesan menjadi sebuah kepastian.

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