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    Matematika , Matematika IPA UN, Matematika IPS UN

I am a graduate majoring in Mathematics University of Riau (GPA 3.78). Learning new things
always challenges me to develop myself in various relevant fields. Has 3 years of organizational
experience and internship experience as a CDP Program Manager at PT VIDIO DOT COM. I really
like collaborating with new people in various environments. Have public speaking skills and the
ability to think analytically, critically, creatively, communicatively, actively, and resourcefully.
Have good teamwork skills, time management and organization skills, and pay attention to details,
be proactive and take initiative, predict what is needed to do the job.

PT VIDIO DOT COM - Jakarta, Indonesia
CDP Program Manager -Internship (August 2022 – December 2022)
 Monitoring performance and monitoring direct and programmatic campaigns on Vidio and
KLY through Google Sheets and Google Ads Manager.
 Contribute in making the final campaign report which will be resold to the client which is
presented in the emtek digital case study meeting and managed to make more than 30
ongoing campaign reports.
 Planning and run a related projects with campaigns advertising from clients/partners and
be the PIC for the project campaigns that trusted.
 Analyze KPIs using various tools, provide recommendations on the results of ad campaign
analysis, and identify target audiences or audience segments for ongoing campaigns.
Student ambassador of CICIL (September 2020 – September 2021)
 Educate fellow students about the installment application process and assist them in
applying for installments.
 Assist in designing and developing CICIL's marketing strategy based on the analysis of
student needs and constraints.
 Assist the end to end community partnership process (hearing process, cooperation
package checklist, delegation of info session).

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