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I am a positive person who have strong-willed of learning. I considered myself in three characteristics which is become my strength, among them are curious, adaptable and enthusiasm. I also love teaching, discussing, and doing the research to discover something new.
My goal life is to be lecturer so that i will be able to share my knowledge to people and give more contribution to the world in general, to my nation in specific

During my education and life, I have a lot of experience related to my passion that I believe helping me to grow to improve my skill and knowledge. I have been participated in many competition such as debating, exhibition, and doing research. I got several rewards from that competition especially the unforgettable moment when I received a Silver Medal on the event called Seoul International Invention Fair which was been held in Seoul, South Korea. On top of that, I also have become participated in several community in my college such as agriculture student association and agriculture English club that useful for enhancing my soft skill in leadership, teamwork, and communication. In addition, recently I have privileged to attend and participate a great event called International Youth Festival of Modern Muslim Culture which was been held in Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia

Never stop learning, because life never stop teaching

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