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i am yurike ramadhani, and now i am at semester 7. actually, i didn't text PLC on purpose, at that time i felt like i have to do something useful and can make a money. so i decided to find out the information about teaching on facebook, instagram, and all the online platforms. but i got the information about plc from my friend. she has been a teacher in PLC for several months. i got the contact information of PLC, and i texted PLC. Admin says that they will inform me if they are looking for a teacher. actually i don't put a high expectation to be a teacher in PLC. but, here i am. thank you PLC for giving me more experience in teaching.

i have already finished my internship at SMAN 2 PEKANBARU, i have taught there for 2 months. there are many lesson that will be useful for me in the future. from how to make a good RPP, how to read syllabus and the other things that related to teaching leaning. at semester 5, i had been a private teacher for students grade 6 and 9. i do really hope that i can get more experience as a teacher in PLC

if it hurts, then it's teaching

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